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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

This term might be confusing for a people who did not know about this thing yet we experience this phenomenon but we don’t realize.



There are 90 % people who search for thing they want to buy they often use search engine to find the thing they are looking what search does is to identify their need enlist the website on the first page which are matching their need so most of the people often do In this kind of situation usually open the first three link which appears on the search engine result. Google, Bing and Yahoo rate the page who matches perfectly need of the researcher.

How Google Rank Your Website

Google rate page higher that has a perfect headline and page is fully optimized to the user experience and the picture on the pages are optimized and the speed of a website is less than 10 seconds it will improve the traffic experience on your website and bounce rate will be minimized it will improve lead generation.

Why your website needs to be on Higher in Google search

  • You will Get more organic traffic on your website. They are actually interested in your product.
  • 85% people don’t visit the second page of a search engine (google) and 70% people open first three links appear on top of search page.
  • It does not matter how big is your brick and motor business if you appear high on google search rank you will not get desirable results.
  • Even top companies like Google, Amazon, andYahoo spend money on SEO.
  • SEO is a source of competitive advantage for small business it can increase the growth opportunities in very less time.
  • It can boost your sales and makeyou’reaccessible to a largenumber of geographical customers.


There are an immense amount of benefits you get from SEO most people confuse term SEO with the process of getting customers immediately it is not about that. SEO is more about making your business more assessable to your perfect consumer.